I’m scared, honey.


I still believe.

In the recesses of my heart, there is no doubt.

In my mind, I do not question it anymore.

It is a reality, and I am in acceptance.

However, it is here that I cleave.

To pursue dreams that were long before you were sought.

To become the person I always was at my core.

How these paths may converge, I can only sense.

Against destiny, I have no defense.


I have come into my own.

I believed in grand things –

And when they didn’t come true,

I disposed away the facts that presented themselves to me as reality

And hugged my dreams close.

I was a dreamer. I built my dreams from scratch, brick by brick; I plastered them together painstakingly.

I built my fort. But over the foundation of pink, fluffy clouds. They were dreams after all.

I built my dreams. And today they are no more.

And I wonder what gave me this strength, but no longer does reality feel sore.

I have a capacity. A large appetite to bear risks and hardships, I can endure.

I am a good friend, a believer, a powerful soul.

I breathe, I deserve love, I receive love, and I win over my goals.

I have come into my own. I have come into my own.


This is the first part of two. The second post will be called ‘Intentions‘. Or at least, I intend to.

I’m sorry that I stop and go. I have staying power when it comes to the journey of finding myself.

I’m sorry I’m so cerebral and objective. I have had to stay sane, frequently by myself.

I’m sorry I’m so literal. Frequently, I have found myself lost to magical thoughts, symbols and intuition. That’s a rabbit hole I can’t afford to keep going down.

I’m sorry I seem to care so little. Sometimes I care too much- those times, I request you to put things in perspective.

I’m sorry I’m having to apologise. I actually have reasons none. C’est moi.

In Defense of the Argumentative Soul

We all need reassurance once a while. We need to be told that kindred spirits exist, and that they have made it through turbulent times similar to those that seem to have beset us. But, what of the argumentative soul? Why are there so few among us who are tolerant of argumentative souls? No, not those who seem to swear like a sailor and raise ruckus at the drop of a hat. No, not those who seem to never back down in a fight. Especially not those whose sole motive is to make others feel ignorant and ashamed.

Argumentative souls are another kind. They simply want to learn truths. Fallacies bother them like an itch on that part of your back that needs to be rubbed red before you feel better. They are helpless in the face of baseless statements as they watch their tongues managing to wriggle free through the parting of their lips and run in the direction of the maker of such statements yelling, “This is SPARTAAAA”.

Heh. Well, at least, that’s how it feels!

Argumentative souls return balance to a world that is used to popping in a pill to calm the nerves instead of dwelling in migraine-inducing contemplation. They are an answer to the John Galtesque question of ‘Who’s going to bell the cat?’ Does your argumentative human know the word touche? Great! Give them occasional. unexpected hugs! Touche, I love me some!

In defense of the argumentative soul, WHY DO YOU INSIST ON ARGUING WITH US WHEN WE HAVE MADE PEACE WITH BEING CALLED ARGUMENTATIVE? Now, we are confused with our place in the world. Hmph.