Short Videos

Mind Over Matter– A short film that I hope will send you down the rabbit hole of exploring the idea of consciousness, imagery, and the plasticity of real life. Here, I’d like to add a couple of things-

  • The credibility of Masaru Emoto’s work is highly-debated, and I have really not got around to studying it yet, but I believe the ‘Water memory’ theory is key to homeopathic medicinal practice as well.
  • The left brain/right brain concept is widely accepted in the neuroscientific community as a myth. The workings of the brain are not so simple, and this concept of a side of the brain being dominant and influencing a person’s perception and personality is an over-simplification of how the brain actually works, which by the way is not extensively understood at all. If you are interested, then here is a succinct article that aims at explaining why it is considered a myth. [Extra: Russell Brand seems like somebody I would like to hang out with!]

If money was no object: Alan Watts – Are you young and eager to explore the world? You’ve gotta watch this video. Do you find yourself disillusioned with adulthood? You’ve gotta watch this video. Are you looking back at your life, and looking forward to making changes to the way you work, play and live? You’ve gotta watch this video. Do you want to know what Alan Watts and Zen Buddhism is all about? You’ve gotta watch this video.

The time you have (In Jelly Beans) – I agree that there’s plenty of stuff like this on the internet, but I simply had to put this up. Too many people take the time that they have for granted. They don’t mind trudging through routine to ‘live it up’ on the weekends. They don’t travel, they don’t read, or indulge their senses in things that surprise, enlighten, shock, or invigorate them. Or so I think. Maybe, I’m wrong. But I think that most of us don’t consciously afford ourselves the things that Goethe recommends in his quote- “Every day one should at least hear one little song, read one good poem, see one fine painting and — if at all possible — speak a few sensible words.”

RSA Animate’s adaptation of Ken Robinson’s talk on reforming Public Education – Watch this, and try not to think in platitudes. Try not to say that yeah, we need reforms. Try to think radical. Try to question the underlying principles that has brought education to the sort of ‘intellectual standstill’ that it seems to be in today. Try to compare it to the kind of educational methods employed in the millenniums past. For instance, the Gurukuls of India, and the Nalanda university, which was very unlike what is considered a university in the modern-day world.

The Wave (1981) – Based on a real-life classroom experiment that is often described as to have ‘gone too far’ and as one that turned the classroom ‘into a police state’. Meant to jerk you awake to the reality of the ease of establishing dictatorship over a complacent people.

I, Pet Goat II – Consider watching this. Bordering on conspiracy and New Age theories, this piques one’s curiosity and intrigue to say the least. Google up for various interpretations of the meaning of this video as well.

A Virus called ‘Fear’ – A quick look at the biological, psychological, and emotional concept of ‘fear’. If I may, I suggest checking out the following links alongside-


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