1. Metropolis  (1927) – This was probably the first full-length silent movie that I sat through. This movie got me enraptured with the ‘As Above, So Below‘ approach to all things ‘world’. It spins a beautiful love story, and has futuristic elements that are commendable, given the year it was made in. I found the ending a bit trite though. I would love to hear other people’s opinion on this one.

2. Network (1976)- A macroeconomics professor used the Arthur Jensen monologue clip spliced from the movie to set the context for his course. The monologue has the seeming-to-be megalomaniac talking about it being the age of corporations and common profit, and the obsolescence of national distinctions and ideologies. I was slightly surprised that this movie had been made earlier than the late-90s. It seems ahead of its time, and depicts the present day and age when it comes to the ways of the media.

3. Chandralekha (1948)- Once when I was visiting my music Guru, she happened to be watching this movie. She told me that it was just beginning and invited me to watch it along with her. She narrated the setting to me with such enthusiasm that I could not, despite being a child of the current age of science fiction and show-stealing graphics, help but enraptured by the sheer magnificence and grandness of the movie (it is considered one of the most expensive projects in the history of Indian cinema). A period epic, the story revolves around two royal siblings who are rivals, each epitomizing contrasting ideologies, and fall for the same village belle, who makes from immense visual amusement with her theatrics and circus-y gimmicks. It was originally filmed in the Tamil language.


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