Blogs and Websites

Especially with blogs, I must point out that the views and opinions are the bloggers’ own. I simply find their writings interesting, and I may or may not agree with all they have to say. Additionally, these blogs don’t necessarily influence my own ruminations and writings. They are probably stuff that I just stumbled upon and got hooked to.

Ryan Holiday’s Meditations on Strategy and Life – I return to Ryan’s blog because I love his grit. He is one of those few people who won’t complain, and will take life head-on. His blog is a pretty great introduction to stoicism, which in a nutshell is that change what is within your power to change, and don’t fret over that which is not, as the latter is usually superfluous. Ryan Holiday, as I have noticed on a lot of occasions, does not shy away from speaking his mind, and in the process ticks some people off. That’s how you know his blog is not e-commerce.

Mark’s Daily Apple – Ignore all the noise about fad diets. Learn more about what you put on your plate. As Hippocrates said ‘Let food be thy medicine’. This is a good place to start. If you find the blog too commercial or abuzz with confusing discussion and loud forum boards, start with this- The Primal Blueprint (pdf). If like me you have a gazillion questions about food and the primal/paleo lifestyle, you are not alone- most of your questions have already been taken apart, debated over, and answered here.

Milk the Pigeon by Alexander Heyne – Alexander is exploring life and trying to carve his own niche in this world. His take on things are fresh and raw, and he will sometimes offend. The young and wanderlusty seem to love his entries. If you feel like you have just stepped into the ‘big, bad world of adulthood’ and are feeling confused, then here’s a place where you’ll know that you are not alone.

The Wellness Warrior by Jess Ainscough – “Let food be thy medicine”, said Hippocrates. And after coming across Jess’ blog and website, I only hold that view stronger in my mind. Cancer, as Jess points out, is the body extremely out of balance. It is a wake up call. I encourage you to go through her blog and her story through 2 years of Gerson therapy. If you take a step back, you will realize that cancer is an inflammation of the body that is out of control. But the beauty of our physical manifestation is that nothing is gone until it is gone. Additionally, for young people, as I believe is required, Jess’ blog helps prioritize. Jess was your poster child for young, career women with that edgy attitude, but slight chip on her shoulder. A lot of times we prioritize those things which are simply superficial. Health- mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical are the real wealth; and it is best to realize this when you are at your youngest. That would be today and now.

Raptitude by David Cain – Interesting blog. Not browsed around too much, but this is a particularly interesting post here.

Mind Power by John Kehoe – I recently stumbled upon it. Might come across as preachy/ new-agey/ too zen to be true. But, I kinda like how he mashes learning from science and religion to talk about spirituality.

The Minimalists – Everything you own (or as Buddhists would say, are attached) comes with an emotional cost of ownership (a.k.a. attachment). Joshua and Ryan are best friends who are out to de-clutter their lives and rid themselves from the claws of mindless consumerism and distraction. Their 21-day journey is a good series of entries that might get you to consider your own lifestyle choices. Particularly a hit with those in their late 20s and early 30s, I believe, as the bloggers fall in that category themselves.


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