Firstly, the picture above.

I’m not Arya Anwesha.

Nor do I hold the rights to this photograph.

But, we were best friends as children. And I re-discovered her after she passed on.

Photographers capture what they find beautiful and intriguing. That’s their only way of telling stories because, for them, words fall severely short. Their photographs are clues to their personality. Their quirks. What a delightful person Arya was. 🙂

Here’s the background on it in her own words- “its not my childhood photo, i clicked this photo in a resturant,whn this girl was busy chatting with her grandma <sic>”. April 3rd, 2013. In two weeks, she rendered herself free to go capture the moments of much more interesting people than the world can accommodate.

Now, about me. 

I am a 20-something yo from India. I love sunshine, long walks, and healthy fats.

This is my personal blog. I write about my personal journeys, and try to document any self-development goals that I want to reach or have made progress in. I also write about my family and friends who have left a lasting impact on me.

I recently began another blog project to talk about my identity as a woman. It has become an important conversation for me to take part in.

I also tumblr; do you?

If you think we could create something interesting together, drop me a line at tejaswi.subramanian@gmail.com.

Keep up!


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