Sign me up for love.

Forget all the instances of affection, the gestures of care, kind embraces, sweet soothing words – they are nothing but promises, aren’t they? Promises of the love that is to come your way if you can continue to allow the world, glimpses of your authentic self.

I have been thinking about this. To be in love is such a powerful feeling, that I have been drawing my strength off just the hope of it. Someone once stood by me, and spoke in all honesty, telling me that they believed in me and that’s all that took me to believe in myself and make an effort. When I think about that instance, I think about how vulnerable and fragile we are, as human beings. I think about how truly innocent and frightened we can become, closing ourselves off to the sort of love that we come into this world, believing.

What is hard, is building a relationship. Starting as strangers, and coming away feeling bonded – it’s startling. To find the energy to do it, hoping that another soul – nay, trusting another soul, to listen without judgment, speak without hesitation, but with kindness, and to feel you in your rawness, without repulsion or fear…that’s a lot of pressure.

But, sign me up.



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