The Start Line is rarely Perfect.

I get it now. I am guilty of shoving people into archetypal molds. I’m always instructing the cosmic machinery by way of dealing with a person, You, you fit right there, and that’ll be the beginning of perfection. Yup, just a little to the left and you can squeeze into it. And I try and try, and then, as can be expected, it does not happen, and I flip out! That was the perfect system, if it could have just been implemented, you know? Every thing would have turned out rather great, and that would have been rather gratifying for once!

Clearly, this isn’t healthy thinking. It is paralyzing. It sucks the joy out of taking a leap of faith. It is the seed of insecurity, which feeds a sense of inadequacy. Never readiness is the hallmark of this catch-22.

Here’s to less chatting, more acting!


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