Really. Just count your blessings.

Taking a break from studying and work, I was looking around for inspiring thoughts that I could pin or put up on the bare walls of my room. It struck me that several religious teachings and motivational speakers often emphasize on gratitude because it allows us to reflect on our past positively. Yes, I was sometimes shown unkindness, my parents used harsh words, some teachers embraced apathy, and my friends were not with me at the time of my need. However, these were rare instances in a largely comfortable life. On the way, I found people who cared about me and showed me how to take care of myself, and there were people who helped me grow past my limitations. At different points in my life there were people, whom I scarcely knew, who stepped in, cheered me up and gave me valuable advice. Looking back on all these times, I sure have so much to be grateful for.

The more I focus on the good things that have happened to me, the more I feel loved, capable, and shown belief in. This has helped me shift to having an internal locus of control: to not feel like I’m helplessly being thrown around in the cosmic tempest of life, but to prop myself in the cockpit so as to create my circumstances and life ahead. I feel suited to shouldering the responsibilities that I assume and rising up to the occasion- yes, I do.

And it all began with the simple decision of counting the blessings in my life.


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