Make way. Coming through! Announcement:

A little over a year ago, I embraced vulnerability. I dove into it head first. It drove a steak through my heart, tore me apart, and made me make a fool of myself. But… it introduced me to care, affection, and deep bonding. Such a wide spectrum of experience, all during the course of a year – I’d never have it any other way!!

As I grow comfortable with vulnerability, and carry it with better grace and poise – and the wisdom of discernment – I have a found a new curious creature that is begging to be fostered; oh crap, they’re twins! Meet Failure and Rejection. They tell me that they are actually two-thirds of a triplet. Her name is Opportunity, so if you see her around, send her right up to my house to reunite her with her family! 😉

Also, what Brene Brown was to my year gone by, Jia Jiang is to what is to come. Buckle up – knowing me, it’s gonna be a quite a ride! 🙌


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