Courage to be Authentic

Wrote this while on vacation, about a week ago. 

I feel the courage growing inside of me, to live in harmony. That is the most authentic ambition, and that is what is courageous. It is easy to live in conflict, to contradict, to turn away and avoid the truth of subjective perspectives to life. ‘Building conviction, sharing vision’ as a friend put it, is what allows us co-habit, collaborate, and build nourishing communities.

Sometimes I feel a pain, a deep hurtful sensation in my heart when meeting friendly people. To see how they could have been subject to the imperative cruelties of life, broken by death, misery, poverty, frustration, unrequited love, infatuation, obsession and failure; and yet how they manage to smile at me- a thus far, complete stranger. But the pain is bittersweet. It is dull and feels like the crushing of the soul.PhotoCollage_1584054508

Perhaps, this is why beauty moves us. In a world of marshes and pain, a lotus grows and blooms with the pride of goodness. This is why beauty, although wounding in all its glory to the harshness of life’s episodes, is a necessity. It gives purpose to living. The friendly smile. The cheerful greeting. A warm hug. A joke. Sharing laughter. Hi-fives. Winks.

Time heals all wounds. Neuters all highs. Puts lows in perspective. Tames the wildest of passions, and hardens the most tender and precious of loves.

Beauty, clearly, defies times. Hence, it is a joy forever.


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