What’s Scary?

This moment is scary. The past is our demons. The future is scary, because it is uncertain.

Certainty feels like doom- that’s scary.

But, choices are also scary. What if… let’s not think about it; it’s scary.

Not having choices makes me claustrophobic- that’s scary.

Being at the mercy of elements is scary; apocalyptic concrete jungles are scary.

Losing touch is scary; inadvertently hurting a loved one- damn, now that’s what I’m scared of.

Being hurt makes me feel isolated in a world of pain; goes without saying, loneliness is scary.

Crowds!- they threaten to take over you! SO scary.

Death is inevitable and that’s scares the jeepers out of me.

But sometimes I wish I could just be that peaceful and rested. Dang, does that mean I’m suicidal? That’s scary!

Imagine you’re a child, and it’s bedtime. Being told that getting off your bed will make you prey to monsters… yup, scary.

There’s a million things out there, and yet there’s a void, an oblivion.

There’s no clarity, and yet we grope around in hope.

Why is fear so ingrained in our hearts, imprinted on our psyche? The paralyzing feeling of fear, that’s scary.

But it feeds my ambitions. It helps me take charge and control.

It makes leaders out of mere men, and warriors from the molds of saints.

And yet fear, fear is so scary to embrace.


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