Anubis, in ancient Egyptian mythology, preceded Osiris as the God of the Dead. He is a man in form, with the head of a black jackal. He leads dead souls through the confusing underworld, and is wise beyond mortal discernment. 

I’m going to lay the blame square on your shoulders-

But blame is a negative word. I have much to thank you for.

You nudged me to descend into what I considered unworthy waters.

I pointed instead at the mirage-like waves. That was the true adventure, I claimed.

But no, there was no adventure away from reality’s game.

Rowing me across the waters of purgatory,

Kicking, screaming, nails dragged through the mud.

Till I calm down, led into the subconscious,

Where archetypes roam like giants.

Skulls broken up in perfect halves.

Wisdom and grey matter flowing out,

I kneel and drink it up like red wine:

free-flowing as it is.

Have you known this all along?

Could you have touched other souls like you touch mine?

Show me what is below that velvet, unruffled surface.

I demand. But I’ve given away my power.

Along with caution, flung.

Power, soul, such is retribution.

I merge, submerge, till there is no evidence.

Just bubbles of existence, spluttering on the surface.

You hold my head down, and watch-

My ego’s slow death.

Baby, you were my psychopomp.


2 thoughts on “Anubis.

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