Here’s my heart; for lunch.

anatomical_heart_by_dragonchild_666_13-d5trtitHere’s my heart; for lunch.

On a platter.

Mince it, pound it.

Make half of it batter.

Empty it onto a pan- watch it sizzle with vehemence.

Aren’t you proud?

Marinate the rest and let it freeze.

Then pour some hot sauce – make it scalding.

Let it shrivel under the weight of the mean spices.

Boil. Slow it to a simmer.

Take in the aroma of your deeds.

Enjoy it with gluttony. With sin on your fork.

And leave the rest out for the dog.

For what it’s worth.

But my heart is Phoenix.


2 thoughts on “Here’s my heart; for lunch.

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