Connect the dots. Let’s not.

I’m aware that. . .

I’m clawing my way into my own heart.images

I’m ramming my head against an empty wall.

I’m connecting all the random dots,

Just so they may, in patterns, fall.

They make insane sense to me

Spouting thoughts, like bubbles- so frivolous and joyful,

But infact, not letting the air be.

Not letting me be. Yet, I will. I am.

There is… pain in this awareness.

A starkness of reality.

A lucidity that makes me sensitive

A dense, compressed pressure that forces me to experience joy in the moments I live. Which is, every.

Several dimensions come hurtling at me as one,

Every life ever lived, every moment possibly considered gone-

They have returned to dust. A single speck-

The annoying grain of sand in my eye

A reminder so constant

That it manifests in me as a helpless smile.

Everything I have, my soul begged for.

Everything I want, it is my soul’s greed.

In integrating both lies the achievement of my succour

But really, all words are just my artificially constructed need.

I have no fear of tomorrow

As I have resolved my jumbled yesterdays

I have sifted through all my thoughts in a manner so thorough

That I sometimes joke about having lost my damned way.


One thought on “Connect the dots. Let’s not.

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