A recipe for joy

My grandmother’s youngest sister, who also happens to be my parents’ neighbor, shared a few of her poems with me. Here’s one that I think and said that I liked best. She thought it too light, but I think life’s best times and enlightenment, dare I say, are caught in those light moments. In the knowledge of what brings you true joy.
She also drew this picture using the ‘Scribble’ tool on MS-Word to accompany the poem, and told me that it was of a Maasai tribal woman. And of course, her child, who is flying the kite. How whimsically charming. 🙂 One of her colleagues, on being shown the ‘doodle’, requested her to print it out so he could put it up in his office, and would apparently mention it as her work to every visitor he had. 
She calls this one ‘Simple Pleasures’.

Picture1I do not want to put myself in knots with dreams and desires

I do not want to look beyond this meal

I do not wish to save for any rainy day

I want just one Sunday best

I am content with seashells on my ear lobes

and a copper on the string of my neck

I want no job to keep, no learning to flaunt

I am content cooking and scrubbing

for my naughty little imps who

keep my sunshine and laughter perennial

I want the simple pleasures of helping my son raise his kite

or my daughter string her beads

I have little to gain, much lesser to lose

I am content living just for today.


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