Mysore plan in the works. :)


After a slow morning spent over ‘earning’ my long-due driver’s license, I came home to some major Mysore-lovin’ delivered through post! 😀


To translate what’s written on the postcard: Tejaswi <that’s me!>, Greetings from Mysore! 😀 Royalty <referring to the Palace and its one-time inhabitants>, Middle Class <at the mean/median of any ‘society, haha(?)>, Beggars (which we are, right now<who isn’t penniless in their early 20s!>)… from all of us, DUDE, YOU (!) NEED TO COME HERE ASAP!! <On the right-hand side…> Lots of aimless wandering-about to do here <We are both very open to exploring new cities!>. Love (your namesake <inside joke that I am too lazy to explain at the moment :P>).

How heart-warming! 🙂


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