Wrote this poem based on my mom’s idea for Valentine’s

Wrote it in about five minutes before the idea slipped outta my mind; so a couple of stuff’s repetitive in retrospect, but whatevs!

They say love is a verb.

If it is, the object of my affection and I,

Have no desires that need be curbed.

I indulge myself in him as much as I care to,

And as a result, my tummy aches.

My lover is chocolate cake.


They say love hurts.

If so, then I can be evidence of it.

Every time I indulge in my baby,

I clutch my tummy; for a moment inert.

And then I howl in anguish, and drown myself in bitter syrups,

I cry myself into painful hiccups.

My lover is ice cream in a tub.


They say love is completeness in acceptance.

And therefore, I return to my lover every night-

a serving of dessert after dinner with a  hint of vanilla essence.


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