An Artist’s Affair

In the past, I have held onto Nutini’s music so privately, that if I shared it with you at all, it was only because I felt we related to certain things on the same level. It was an almost clandestine token of affection; a gift symbolizing a kinship of sorts. However, the longer the duration I spend enjoying his music, the stronger I feel nothing but pure joy and understanding; and I guess, that kinda stuff simply does not remain without being shared. πŸ™‚

Eitherhow, ‘Chamber Music’ is my favorite track. I remember how I chanced upon it. I believe I was driving with the music on, and it was on shuffle- this song came up, and somehow, I had not heard it before. From the vocals, I guessed it could be Johnny Cash, Don McLean, or some folksy song that I had come upon in random, but when I checked, it was Paolo Nutini. That probably made me fall in love with the song even more.

To me, the song talks about an artist, a writer, or anybody who expresses themselves consciously through their work, and how they might relate to the instrument that allows them to do so with increased lucidity. To them, it is the ‘softest machine’ that literally connects them to the rest of the world, while still being the channel of their individualism. It does a job similar to what religions do to people; make them feel accepted without judgments. Can you imagine a ‘true’ writer (meaning one who single aim is probably not to just get published and paid royalties) trying to ‘express’ while keeping ‘acceptable’ moralities or sensibilities in mind? No, he simply puts his thoughts and feelings in words. He may shroud them in metaphor, but he is speaking the truth. His truth. And his pen is the conduit. Why wouldn’t he hold it so dear?- they work together as a team to make a better world. A better world as the writer sees it.

In a way, the pen tells the writer stories as well. It is a matter of push coming to shove. Emotions are intangible, featureless feelings, and to have to express them clearly so as to be able to make sense of them and share them, is to literally find words. It isn’t uncommon for a writer to assign a word a whole new meaning, simply through literary tricks it may seem. But perhaps, he is only unburdening himself by attaching a single word, a lot more than a single logical meaning. It’s placement in the scheme of the sentence (or network of sentences) conveys his mood, whether poetic or direct, hesitance or frustration, as well as, perhaps, his veiled vulnerability.

The lyrics are just a couple of paragraphs with Nutini praising his channel. His medium. Who/Whatever gives him the ‘courage’ to express that which he until thought only a smokescreen that clouded his judgment, causing him to think of himself as petty as a wisp. Rosie, to whom/which he opened up to ‘like a flower to the heat’. The lyrics are followed by instrumental music. My favourite bit is the tune played on the clarinet (I think it’s a clarinet; a wind instrument in any which case- I think?). It makes me think of a leisurely dance with someone whose company you really enjoy. Well, it makes me sit here and grin rather stupidly anyway. πŸ˜‰

And I bet you’d agree with me when I say that the video’s a montage of entirely endearing clips and pictures of Nutini.


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