Uranus transiting House 11: Nightcall by Kavinsky

To explain how I feel about this song, I must tell you a rather mystical story. Perhaps, a couple of them, which I will then string together to conceive a mental picture that plays in my mind whenever I listen to this song. This track is about introducing yourself to people whom you thought familiar, and who thought you familiar and predictable, as a person who has changed following a ‘crash’. As a phoenix from the ashes, following a rebirth after a rather violent death. It is having a talk with your spouse telling them that the person they thought they knew is no more inside of you. All with a stupefying, hypnotic calmness. Not a hint of chaos.

In Western Astrology, the 11th house is seen as the house indicating an individual’s hopes and dreams. It’s the home of the visionary, and therefore, it isn’t surprising that it is associated with Aquarius- the waterbearer, often considered the sign of genius and innovation. In my opinion, Aquarius is simply the sign of new beginnings symbolized by gaining new perception of the world- a state of enlightened acceptance, by way of readiness, of what is to come after- Pisces, the ultimate sign of the zodiac. Ultimate in its depth and mystery; indescribable. Thus, Aquarius is akin to being the receptor of this finality, and paves the way to this unknown and uncharted territory- truly, the aptitude of an inventor.

In Greek mythology, Uranus was created by Gaia, the Earth mother, and later married her in what seems like the supreme personification of the Oedipus Complex. Uranus symbolized the sky- what is below is the Earth, and what is above is Uranus- the primal Greek God of the sky in all its ethereal inscrutability and encompassiveness (yes, I made up that word). Gaia signifies the Earth, in all its security, stability, and unchanging perpetuity.

Uranus, with his unpredictable ways, mated with Gaia to give birth, most importantly, to the race of the Titans- the original Gods in human form. But, of equal, but rather shadowed importance, is that their other offsprings were giants, monsters, and nymphs. The Giants included the three Cyclopes brothers, gifted masons and kingmakers- whoever harnesses the incredible ability of the Cyclopes to build, would wield power- that is the unwritten law of the cosmos. Whoever resists this primary responsibility of creation is doomed. The monster offsprings included the three Hekatonkheires- the monstrous figures who rule violent storms and hurricanes- upheavals, if you allow the interpretation. If you haven’t figured it out by now, Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius. And as the father of Gods, the Monsters, and the Giants, he was the harbinger of them all- he was the pioneer of time, and therefore the world, as we know it. A reality that Gaia couldn’t have even dreamt of unleashing otherwise.

When Uranus transits House 11, all your hopes and dreams as you knew them, take new form. They seem unrecognizable in contrast to the future you had envisioned in prior. When you share your new vision with others, they will perhaps express concern about what they perceive as your indecisiveness- a volatile departure from what you were. But it is actually what you have yearning to see all along, and it has finally revealed itself to you in full clarity and transformative capability. The others are still sold on the sort of hopes and dreams that you clung onto all these years, but Uranus has come in and changed the world for you and only you, and it is your duty to see it through so you may herald it for others to see as well.

This track is about introducing others to that reality. Reassuring, but life-altering. The ultimate merging of Gaia and Uranus!



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