A Woman and Her Place

If I were into Culture Studies, Kate Nash would be my muse. Or at least one of my numerous ones. I’d cite her work, her lyrics, in my thesis. She’d be a loud enough voice for me to quote more than once. Ok, thrice. Why? Because her lyrics are an expression that behold such clarity of opinion that is fearlessly thrown in the listener’s face. Not in a ‘there, I said it’ sort of way; more like, ‘I wouldn’t care to hold it back’. 

I’m not necessarily sharing my opinion with Nash here. It’s rather ironical (and I’m curious about any related symbolism) how the biggest battle of sexes is represented by what traditionally goes on in the bedroom. It is as if the balancing and merging of yin and yang energies could just mean the creation of sexual? erotic? romantic? energies. Besides, it is funny how an ‘elevated’ or ‘equalized’ standing for women is considered to be what is generally a traditional role for a man- as a breadwinner. As a career woman. As holding her own court in terms of economic independence. In fact, I was just wondering earlier today that the reason our view on economics is skewed toward such narrow-mindedness and miscalculations (I think so), is perhaps because we discount the various other sort of ‘currencies’ that are traded between people. Emotional currency being one. Why isn’t it an elevated position for a man to be emotionally independent, so to speak? Why is it implied that emotional independence is derived from economic independence? I’m just thinking aloud here.

Why is it that a woman who uses her sexual freewheel-ery as a way to climb up the social ladder frowned upon? Told to consider showing more dignity? The wittiest comeback I can think of is from Lillie Langtry (fun fact: Irene Adler might have been modeled after her), who shot back at her lover, then Prince of Wales, when he complained saying, “I’ve spent enough on you to build a battleship,” that he had spent enough in her to float one. Who takes into account that sort of currency?

I’ve never been the sort to care for imaginary gender lines, but I am definitely not the sort who would hesitate to point out the pointlessness of its role in the human race’s evolutionary or spiritual ascendance, by the same logic.

P.S.: Is it just me or does Kate Nash use ‘housing real estate’ in her songs as metaphor quite often? Like the burnt house in ‘Share the Guilt‘?


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