When the adults are away


I have this habit where I tag along with one or both of my parents or other ‘adults’ (you know how ‘they’ are always going to be your ‘adults’ no matter what threshold of adulthood you have crossed?) and pay some other ‘adults’ a visit, and I get bored beyond the usual pleasantries and them being pokey about what’s happening in my life, when they really are not interested in hearing about this cycling trip that I took. So yeah, the habit being that I eventually get bored stiff, and if they have a nice, big house with a garden or some antiques or an old (sometimes army/navy/air force) trunk full of books that may be novels or non-fiction, or just notes, or if I get lucky a journal or something, I am more than willing and yearning to rummage. Because these things sometimes tell me more about the  people living in the house, ‘owning’ these things, than they are willing to let on during passing visits and not-so-deep conversations.

Recently, I was visiting somebody’s house with my mother. My mother got chatty, as usual, with the inhabitants of the house.  I was honestly uninterested in hearing about the woman’s three sons living in three different countries- United States of America, Brazil, and India, in case you were curious, and I ran out of the house and stumbled upon this little thing in their sort-of garden. There was a potted plant, and inside the pot was installed this beautifully-carved statuette of Lord Vishnu. You really have to get on board with me when I find this remarkable because it was this tiny thingamajig (look at it contrast with the size of the leaves that grow next to it!) with all these details, and it was ‘installed’ facing the plant (can anybody, perhaps, help me recognize the plant by its leaves?). It was so nice to look at until my mom came by to usher me out and away.

P.S.: And if you look closer, there is even a two rupee coin next to the statuette! How did I miss that?! (Maybe you should click on the image to enlarge).


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