George Carlin shares his Brain Droppings

And just like that, out of nowhere, I find out that George Carlin has written a few books. I’m starting with ‘Brain Droppings’!

The decay and disintegration of this culture is astonishingly amusing if you are emotionally detached from it. I have always viewed it from a safe distance, knowing I don’t belong; it doesn’t include me, and it never has. No matter how you  care to define it, I do not identify with the local group. Planet, species, race, nation, state religion, party, union, club, association, neighborhood improvement committee; I have no interest in any of it. I love and treasure individuals as I meet them, I loathe and despise the groups they identify with and belong to.

It’s funny; I happen to be such a huge fan of George Carlin’s stand-up performances. I have rolled on the floor of every room in my house, laughing, while watching his videos over and over. But now, reading this quote, I notice that although he claims to be ’emotionally detached’ from the culture, there is an element of sadness to the rather contradictory comment, in which he claims to be amused, but remarks that it is decaying and disintegrating. And as much as he says that he doesn’t identify with any ‘group’, he seems to identify with the outcasts as he talks about being secluded; the loners, the ’emotionally detached’… How curiously interesting.


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