Narcissism and Being Social

Quickie Post.

Run for your life, narcissus!

Since I don’t watch TV or have to go out hunting in the Savannah, I spend a lot of time creepin’ through all these psychology forums. I mean, books can only get so empirical, right? Anyhow, I came across this one really interesting thread on how a possibly narcissistic man got his therapist extra-interested in his case when he mentioned that he felt more connected with his dog, than his young son. If you follow the thread, it suggests that this could be because- a) Dogs are generally known to better persons than the best persons (Ok, this is just me piping in. I really like em’ dawgs), b) Children need so much attention, and that doesn’t go down well with a narcissist, c) People, no matter how young or tiny, have ulterior motives. So all of  you guys who were paranoid about dwarves, you were right. They are just as sneaky as the rest of us, AND their shortness is advantageous to the act of sneaking.

Anyhow, this post is as result of my reading up on why a tribe was/is so important to mankind as a race, as it is for a successful evolutionary strategy. This brings me back to standing upright on two legs. That little bit of evolution seems to have made such a huge impact on life as we know it!

Apparently, women, in specific, seem to have paid a larger price for walking upright as a race (Sorry, I violated the rule of never feeding the feminists).This is because, since we walk upright, we can’t spread out our legs too much while walking, so as to be able to maintain a balanced posture and not compromise on speed. This, over the millenia, caused our hips to shrink, and ultimately, in women, the birth canal, to grow narrower. Meanwhile, our brains grew bigger as we began to overthink (pun intended), and babies came out surprising their mummies, literally, with bigger heads, which held within them, tiny BigBrains. So, plenty of mothers died during childbirth, as a result. As a further evolutionary consequence, women started having relatively shorter gestation periods as compared to other mammals, so that poppin’ em out wouldn’t be so damn hard!

This brings us to the reason as to why human babies are so cute and helpless, as compared to the young ones of cattle animals, and pretty much most other animals. From the top of my head, I can’t think of any other animal that doesn’t start coaching its young one on survival skills, mere weeks into ‘childhood’. ‘Childhood’ itself, is a concept peculiar to mankind. (And now we further present to ourselves, the Odyssey years!) As a result, living together as large families, i.e., tribes, became important. The ‘social’ factor became important, because rearing children through long periods of childhood is always easier when help is around. And thanks to maternal instinct and stay-at-home-momism, the women became the ones who helped keep peace in ‘society’, by engaging in ‘social’ activities like say, exchanging small talk and pleasantries, while the men were away exercising their testosterone and calf muscles whilst chasing their game.

Therefore, man is a social animal. And perhaps, narcissism is a result of us not living in tribes anymore.

TL;DR Narcissism is not likely a successful evolutionary strategy. In case you were wondering.


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