Living with consequences is living with change

Let’s talk about consequences. Do you know what the consequences are, of a poor diet? Poor posture? Poor hygiene habits? Poor social skills? Let’s talk about it on a larger scale- do we realize that our comfortable stint in this age of consumerism will not remain comfortable for too long, as it will have consequences? That, as a race, we cannot be commuting, interacting, working, learning, or hell, living as we are now forever into the future, simply as we haven’t forever in the past?

I’m going try and share my perspective on the magnitude of the snowball of consequences with you. In a time that we have left far, far behind, our ancestors walked on four legs. We had no real advantage in terms of practical skills such as speed, strength, or size, and we were pretty much a tribe of nobodies on the food chain. Like the dodo, we could have gone extinct in a few centuries if you ask me. But we seem to have adopted a rather successful evolutionary strategy. We tried to make use of our forelimbs for activities other than covering ground, and tried to balance our entire weights on what we like to call our ‘legs’, and literally created a survival strategy where there seemed to be an opportunity for none. Our standing erect gave us an opportunity to use our hands to create and hold tools (and let’s not forget opposable thumbs) that were sharp, so as to compensate for the lack of a host of other skills, and in time, create a seemingly unforeseeable competitive edge (space colonies now seem like a possibility to race that, a few millenia ago, could barely navigate through a forest’s expanse successfully) over other species’ skillsets by allowing evolutionary energies to be channeled toward our ability (and boy, aren’t we beginning to take too pride in that) to create better and more sophisticated tools (i.e., bigger brains)!

Today, in the area of finance, as in several others, the most rewarding skill to have is that of foresight of possible consequences. Is that mound of snow really going to gather momentum and snowball (as in a verb)? Is mankind’s evolution strategy doomed to fail simply because, essentially, very few of us are directly involved with an important energy source (NO, not oil)- in growing, gathering, hunting, or ‘creating’ our food? Could you imagine explaining the purpose of the strategy where we work at our desks on spreadsheets and charts to members of ‘primitive cultures’ existing in parallel?

And what are the consequences of a possible merger between two tech giants today on the stock market tomorrow?

What counts as big picture to you?


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