Not about ‘Having it all’ at all

‘Having it all’- BS paraded around as hope.

The discussion about ‘having it all’ is downright disgusting at best. Especially when it is posed in the context of examining a woman’s life. Somehow, it is acceptable for a person, let alone a member of a particular sex, to be judged on parameters that are not necessarily in line with their own value system. It is an armchair diagnosis of a personality based on a stranger’s worldview, and to take it seriously has got to be the dirtiest joke in the history of polemy and tyrannical objectivism.

Accomplishments are as subjective as opinions. Let me sketch an example for a situation. I have never been a person who wanted to be socially successful. It is not that I lack the resources to cultivate the skills to be the perfect hostess or the so-called ‘life’ of a party, but it is merely that I do not value such an accomplishment in my life. Being wired the way I am, I find it spiritually dangerous, unnatural- as such behavior is not in line with my inherent nature, and emotionally draining. I have also learnt to appreciate the fact that acquiring this skillset may be important to other people, and to them, it might be an accomplishment in itself. Even though I do not necessarily think it is a worthwhile achievement, so to speak, had I found the need to thrust such a worldview upon them and be dogmatic enough to write about it in popular media so as to get readers to agree with me en masse, then I am being completely unreasonable; not to mention immature as well as intellectually stunted and violent.

Just my two cents.


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