Day 10: The Lightness of Being


“Let this be a fundamental rule of life, one of the most fundamental: whatsoever you are towards yourself, you will be towards others. If you love yourself, you will love others. If you are flowing within your being, you will be flowing in relationships also. If you are frozen inside, you will be frozen outside also. The inner tends to become the outer; the inner goes on manifesting itself in the outer.”

I read this yesterday, and it made so much sense. In short, it means to be a better person, you don’t need to show any acts of kindness. You don’t need to help another. You don’t have to save a life. All you have to do is be kind to your body (maintain a healthy posture, eat wholesome food, walk a while and enjoy all of it), be kind to your mind (Don’t overthink, don’t hurt it with anger, and don’t resist your thoughts, but be aware of them, so you are conscious of how you are hurting your mind), and realize that to seek any other experience than your own is to not be happy in your own self.

I’m incurably happy now. I feel connected to my past, present, and future. I feel like it is all intertwined. I am free from yearning for what is gone and neither am I desperate for what is to come. I feel overjoyed and light as if I have everything that there is to have in the now. Over the past 10 days, I have received more than I aimed or hoped for. I haven’t learnt anything, but I have unlearnt so much. There IS no quest for ‘truth’ or ‘happiness’. There is, however, everything in simply being. Being at peace, without conflict with yourself or with the world. I feel powerful. I feel like I have let myself in on an open secret- that I share with the universe. But if I share it with the universe, whom is it a secret from?

I am right at square one. The day when I said I declare my freedom today. Exactly where I intended to be. In now. Liberated. Free. 🙂


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