Day 9: Stop glorifying the past. Stop dreaming up the future.

You will never hear me saying things like, ‘Aww… I miss school.’ or ‘College- those were the days!’ I find that sort of thinking ignorantly wishful and distracting. Sure, it seems like I had a lot less responsibility back then- for instance, I wasn’t even responsible for myself! Some of my peers tell me that their dreams shined brighter back then. Sure they did, because you believed that they were possible. The more you visualize something (and you tend to do that when your beliefs are strong- so be careful what you believe in), the more real it seems. You always knew that a little extra effort, speaking up once a while, and doing that one crazy act will light up the room, and brighten the day. When did you stop doing that? When did you stop wearing bright clothes? Who blocked your obsession with those cheap shades that literally changed the way you looked at the world? When did you start thinking that your routine had become a rut? When did you stop being as strong and hopeful as you used to be?

You will never hear me saying things like, ‘In 5 years, I will have a fancy-ass job, and I will be doing X cool thing’ or ‘After <adulthood milestone>, I will live in <fancy artsy/futuristic/metropolis city>’. That becomes narrow-thinking. You think of yourself as being not affected by any external forces. Sure there is a chance of pleasant surprise and meatballs, but there are bigger chances of disappointment.

However, there are two thought about the past and the future that I do try and think from time to time-

1. Remember how you felt that day when you heard this song for the first time? Remember when you had an epiphany-like moment and you walked away happier and much more aware of your conscious self? Think about that. More. And use it in the now.

2. Think of creating something in the future, but with your present means. Be creative. Come up with at least one thing everyday. Some days I run dry, and I lose hope and mope. Then I dust off after I realize that I could spend that time racking my brains instead. Some days I can’t stop thinking of all the wonderful things that I can make, and realize that I don’t have the means yet. And still other days, I create magic. Yup, tis’ true. And there I find all the happiness that I spread across my lifetime. I create so that I don’t have to spread it out too thin and just enough.


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