Day 8: Frolic and blow off steam.

Always remember this bit from ‘The Shining’

You create a mental plan at the beginning of the day. Everything seems to go as per it for the next five minutes. Then it rains, nay, it pours. You aren’t carrying enough money for the cab, and there is no ATM in sight. You reach work drenched, and the airconditioning is freezing you to the bone. You can feel the negative energies around you, and you despise people for being overweight, slow, nervous, complacent, and ‘well-adjusted’. You try clearing your head and focusing on the job at hand before somebody else calls out for you and gives you some more. You protest, but they say that everything else can be put away. You overlook the fact that put away means piled on to your schedule for tomorrow. Tomorrow you’ll be beating yourself up over your short-sightedness. You end up over-thinking about all that you have to do, and decide you need to take a break. You feel a strong dislike for every entity in the cafeteria as they eat everything you think to be unhealthy. Your knees feel rickety, and your mind is swirling into this crazy pool. All you really want now are some crayons and music, and hours to yourself. Problem is, you might get the time, but you won’t get the peace of mind to enjoy it.

Some days I feel like I’m in over my head. Even a break makes me feel sluggish and at my worst. Like there is no way I am going to be able to finish all my work at a pace that I want to, and to deliver of a quality that I am particular about. There is no way I will be able to go home today and have the energy to cook myself a healthy meal. There is now way I will have the patience to talk to my loved ones. I wouldn’t be able to read the book that I have to return to the library in a few days. I will never be as well-read as I hope to be before my next birthday. My iPod’s running stale, and I haven’t heard a new song in over two weeks. There’s a movie that I want to watch but if I do, it will only run past my bedtime, and I will be listless in the morning tomorrow.

I’m in over my head, alright.



Take a couple of hours off. Go outside and take a long walk. Skip a rope. Go cycling. Dance like it’s a tribal bonfire!

Really, doing something rhythmic with your body helps you blow off some steam. Probably because it gets the tap running with neurochemicals. They are like your brain’s bath salts. Hell, take a real bath afterwards. When you’re feeling all good and healthed-up, attack that blessed report that you couldn’t get past the structure of, earlier.

Works everytime.


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