Day 5: Don’t plot revenge.

Wrath is rightly called a deadly sin.

Wrath is when you let someone else’s disease creep into you, and take over your mind like the plague. What makes it worse is that it is entirely avoidable, and utterly petty. You let one instant play out such ruckus inside your head, and end up throwing away all those years of sheer hard work that you put into developing a certain level of consciousness, every positive thought that kept you going through years. It is a sheer tragedy that you let you bring upon yourself. It is suicide. It is turning the gun on yourself. It is a lost hand that you will have to live with the regret of.

Sometimes being gentle will take up all your strength of character, and you will find your nerves on the edge as you physically restrain yourself from unleashing your wrath, and that will require you to display such courage so as to be able to grasp the clarity amidst all the distractions and disturbances clouding your sanity, but like every aspect and muscle that builds you, this will cultivate spectacular strength. It will reveal to you a shattering truth about yourself. It might leave you feeling vulnerable, naked, and exposed. It might shock and/or disgust you, but soothe yourself. Try not to be shocked. Embrace that part of you. Accept it. Acceptance is the first step towards improvement.


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