Day 3: Courage is a whole other ballgame.

Nothing more appropriate.

What exactly is courage? A sense of moral obligation? Integrity to speak the harsh truth in the most hostile of circumstances? Bravery? Heroism? An ability to face fear? Perhaps all that, but courage lies not in an attribute, but in acts. Courage is to not let your brain fog over when you need it the most. An act of courage would not involve, taking up a machine gun to defend oneself against a wasp! What a colourful analogy. That one got me thinking today.

The sort of courage that I want to focus on confronting within myself more often will help me prioritize. It won’t let me fret about the small things. It will help me honour my commitments, and take up real responsibilities more seriously. I must admit that this happens to be one of my strengths; I rarely worry and compared to most other people, I can hold my calm in the most calamitous situations. But-

  1. I don’t want to be typical. Rather, I don’t want to be comparing myself to the mediocrity that comes with it.
  2. Some days, I do give into the ‘Chicken Little’ mentality.

It’s rather hard to remain courageous at the end of a seemingly endless day. I forget my umbrella- it rains, I miss my bus- it is raining, there is a highway of Mumbai traffic to look forward to getting caught in whilst the taxi’s meter mercilessly climbs, I catch myself thinking about an old acquaintance’s lies- after all the times that I went out of my way for her (!), how petty the world can be- you don’t even want an example for that one. And then there are people to deal with when all I want to do is go cycling in my shorts and read a good book while basking in the warm light that comes flooding through my huge bedroom window! Some days nothing can go right. I can let it all get to me and find myself feeling overwhelmed by how much the littlest of things in this world can drive me over the edge, or I can be courageous and brush it all off and fix myself a bowl of warm rasam, play some Flower Raj radio, and finally read that book that discusses all those ideas that I have been googling about all day. Yup, that takes the courage to see that things are fixable. It takes the courage to not give into a bad hair day (only a metaphor!- I’ll leave it to you to replace it with a situation that is more personal and realistic in your head) by having a thorough meltdown. Or from taking a machine-gun to a wasp’s stinger. In short, put things in perspective. It’s not the end of the world. Yet. 😉


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