Day 2: Stop labeling other people

The irony of the matter is that I hate being stereotyped. I don’t like being called a ‘rebel’, ‘tomboy’, ‘too independent’, and whatever else. But when I don’t want people in my life anymore, I am quick to call them out as the problem for it. I don’t use very specific adjectives, but when asked about certain people, I call them ‘bad persons’ or ‘negative energies’.

No more! My thoughts and what affects me entirely reflect my priorities. Daddy always tells me that if I am letting another person bother me, I am, in a way, letting them own a portion of my conscious self. I am giving them free reign over that amount of time, and that part of my brain which I allow to be devoted towards thinking about them and labeling them. It feels horribly foolish to be giving away some of the most valuable things that I have in life to those very people that I wouldn’t want to.

Things that I will keep in mind-

  • Ayn Rand heard her husband once retort to an annoyance about what he thought of the latter- ‘But I don’t think of you’. She used that in one of her novels, attributing it to a protagonist.
  • First rule of good manners: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Don’t want to be stereotyped or labelled, don’t do it to others either; regardless of what the labels are.
  • Be especially conscious of those thoughts which are being thought about others. Then remind self about why it isn’t worth it. Don’t block the thoughts- that is not a healthy practice.

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