What is the experiment?

The Experiment is my personal journey. The Experiment is me exploring my newfound freedom. Although I have always been the kind that never cared what people thought of me, or what their expectations were from me, I must admit that I am a person who has had expectations from people. Not the ‘social obligations’ kind. Rather the sort of expectation that other people will realize the same things that I realize. That I can meet other people and not be put-off by what I considered the need to be petty or ill-mannered. The expectation that other people will have more in common with me- all while holding dissonant viewpoint that everybody is free to be themselves. Today, I am abandoning the former, and embracing the latter. As soon as I did that, I realized that my mind has been slightly cluttered. I have given too much space to others, and have housed their problems and troubles in my head. No more. Not because it is time to be selfish, but because, by my own definition, these problems and troubles are petty. I shall not stop listening to my friends when they need a sympathetic ear, but I am not going to let their thoughts settle down comfortably in my head. I shall offer opinion when asked, and speak the truth as I usually do. However, their choices in life are none of my concern;  I shall send them good energy and positive, happy vibes regardless. No judging, no dwelling. Taking a leaf from the Henry Miller quote in Tropic of Cancer, I am incurably free.


*Whirls! Twirls!*

Tomorrow is Day 1.

Yup. Preddymuch.


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