I live inside my head.

I’m this huuuuge fan of the Samurai way of life. It started with watching Tartakovsky’s Samurai Jack. It’s rather sad that there don’t seem to be so many blogs about Samurais or even podcasts for that matter. If any of you ever find a good one, please let me know. That aside, I love the kind of grace and stoic elegance that Samurai Jack personified. It was this beautiful ray of mental strength and hope. Here was a guy who was honest, with that likable proverbial ‘child-like’ curiosity, and discipline that comes from being oh-so centered and content with oneself. The wisdom that oozed out of having cultivated thoughtfulness. What a wonderful person to look up to. 🙂

So anyway, that’s how I got interested in the Samurai culture that was the hotbed of noble and wise living back in the day in Japan. If I ever came across a book that unleashed a renewed sense of open-mindedness in my thinking and a lust for adventure, it was the Hagakure: Book of Samurai. It reiterated so many things that people seem to forget in the headiness of their youth. Seek counsel (it defines selfishness as being so full of yourself that you do not pay heed to the advice that the world is sending your way). The integrity with which one must lead one’s life, or commit Seppuku. 

Anyhow, my point is that, sometimes it feels a little trippy to be living inside your head. You cast slight doubt on the truths that you perceive. You stop and look around. There are all these living, thinking beings around you. Their truths must account for something. So like a lost puppy, you pull at a passer-by’s trousers and show them and bark at them and jump around hoping they understand you. And sometimes, just so very rarely, you run into a dog-whisperer. They know your tongue and very kindly reassure you. And they give you a glimpse into other people’s truths. As a puppy, it would be wise to pay attention. Pay heed. Introspect. Tip your hat, wag your tail and walk off. But take that insight along with you.  


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