Technology presents to you, telepathy.

This is a pretty fantastic breakthrough in neuroscience, machine-learning, as well as mechanical engineering (in my opinion- my classifications may be wrong).
Although noble intentions are projected, in the wake of the Snowden farce, it is probably smart to imagine the worst so we may begin to protect ourselves against it.
For starters, I remember a comic entry in Archies’ where either Archie or Reggie has a nightmare about Dilton inventing a mind-reading machine, and the two fear that Moose is going to find out if they ever even think about Midge. Given the fear, neither of them can stop think of Midge, even more than usual.
Besides, thoughtcrime, the infamous crime legislated into Orwellian world of 1984, could become a reality in the coming years as this technology progresses.
Question is, how do we channelize a growth in such technological infrastructure, while arresting its transgressions on individual rights to privacy? Second question is, is it not time to go back to our philosophical discussions and debate the needs and applications for the creation of such infrastructure, alternatives, morality, et al? And by philosophical discussion, I don’t mean a journalist (and apparently, becoming a journalist these days is to earn a certificate toward crowning yourself a polymath) ranting away half-truths with half-baked knowledge in the various subjects involved. A real, documented discussion about intelligence and artificial intelligence that cannot be dumbed-down or shortened for consumption by those on a steady diet of tabloids and Page-3 gossip would be the exact feat that is required to be pulled off, thank you.


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